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1 Liraya Self Service Hearing Test Project

Turkey Electrical and Electronics Technologies (TET) R & D Project Self Service Spring participating in the contest Hearing Test Project, the project moved from between 110 thousand 650 projects.

Turkey Electrical and Electronics Technologies (TET) R & D Project Self Service Spring participating in the contest Hearing Test Project, the project moved from between 110 thousand 650 projects. Mobile phone operators who followed the contest pursued the project designed to meet the hearing aids of people with 1 lira and income and hearing loss. Telephone operators, who are wearing the door of Samsun Hearing Center, want to install the system in their branches and dealers. Erol Acer, the General Manager of the company, which owns the highly acclaimed system, stated that the project had a great impact.

General Manager Erol Acer, who gave information about the Self-Service Hearing Test Project, which was ranked in the R&D Project Spring Competition of Istanbul Electric-Electronics, Machinery and IT Exporters Association (İEEMBİB), with this, effective and effective use and dissemination of information in the field of hearing health, The analysis noted that they aim to use computer and communication technology in the highest level of hearing health in order to manage it in a way that will enable new structuring.

Noting that the test gives successful results, General Manager Acer said, “The purpose of the Self Service Hearing Test is to determine whether people have hearing problems or if they need treatment. We have designed our device for 1 lira for this reason. Currently, mobile phone operators want to take the project and set it up in their branches. and it will reduce many future expenses and costs in terms of increasing the chances of early diagnosis. ” said.

Explaining how the device works, General Manager Acer said, “With our test device, the person wears the special earpiece before starting the hearing test, then starts the process by throwing the iron 1 lira from the machine’s money chamber and pressing the start button. When the sound waves and tones of different frequencies sent are heard, Then the questions asked are answered. Thus, hearing losses in different frequency channels are tested as soon as possible. With the output given, the person also learns about his hearing status. ” found in the description.

Expressing that the Self Service Hearing Test will take place as an important social responsibility project in the field of hearing health in the field of hearing health, and widespread in the field of hearing health of individuals in the field of hearing health, Acer, pharmacies, opticians, hearing centers, branch centers, private clinics, all kinds of public and private hospitals, recreational facilities, shopping malls, the interior entrance of the stores, the waiting lounges of doctors, intercity bus terminals, airports, schools, factories employing more than fifty workers, military facilities, restaurants etc. He added that there are other social environments.

Source: CHA

Erol Acer, General Manager of Samsun Hearing Center Inc. and Doğuş Medikal LTD, started production by obtaining a patent from the Turkish Patent Institute of ‘Self Service Hearing Tester’. All airports in Turkey thanks to the device to be installed in the first place can be measured in general, especially where people are experiencing hearing loss due to pressure after the plane ride. Passengers who want to have a hearing test will enter these cabins and undergo the necessary tests and determine whether they experience hearing loss. It was stated that these tests to be carried out on the ‘Self Service Hearing Test Device’ will be done for only 1 TL and the income from this service will be donated to the Turkish Air Association.

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