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Continuous Phone Speakers Attention

With the cooperation of OMÜ, Bulvar AVM and Doğuş Medikal, Self Service Hearing Test Kiosks measured the hearing rates of citizens. Professor Dr. Figen Başar said that talking on the phone for a long time can cause hearing loss.
Continuous Phone Speakers Attention!
03 March 2019, Sunday 19:18

Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMÜ) Ear Nose and Throat Department and Audiology Unit and Bulvar Shopping Center (AVM) organized a social responsibility project within the scope of March 3 World Hearing and Ear Day.
Hearing ratios of citizens were measured with self-service hearing aids at the health stand set up in Bulvar AVM Square. Citizens who received hearing test results for free were informed by experts. Informative brochures were also distributed to citizens.


OMÜ Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist Dr. Figen Başar said, “We aim for a social responsibility and awareness to draw attention to hearing health. We try to convey to citizens how important hearing is and when a problem occurs, we have brought our self-service hearing testers in the area we set up in Bulvar AVM. Everyone can test their own. In this way, they receive information about their hearing health, “he said.


“We will all have hearing loss one day,” Başar said, “We say where to apply for people with hearing loss. We also answer the questions of citizens coming here. Early diagnosis of hearing loss is very important. The sooner hearing loss is detected, the sooner we can recover the hearing pathways. “For people, their understanding is not impaired. In individuals, hearing is impaired, and then comprehension is impaired, because hearing is an event in central areas. The sooner we get to know the disconnection, the easier the treatment process is.”


Talking about the factors that cause hearing loss, Dr. Figen Başar said, “There are new hearing screenings in our country. It is carried out by the Ministry of Health. We also inform the citizens about it. Hearing loss in newborn babies is very important. Because the brain maturation should be in a very short time. Therefore, citizens should apply to health institutions immediately in any deficiency in their babies. Noisy environments are among the most common factors that cause hearing loss. Continuous listening with mobile phones or headphones, systemic diseases, kidney disorders, diabetes, blood pressure problems, some medications and hearing loss due to aging can also be experienced. ” Recep MOL


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