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Question – Answer: Doğuş Medikal (LORECa) Hearing Systems

Can you introduce your company to us?

Doğuş Medikal (LORECa) Hearing and Audiometry Equipment Company was established in 1996 in Samsun. It is 100% Turkish capital as well. Our aim is to make our company an important center of knowledge and knowledge in the field of audiology-acoustics.

Thanks to the high technology available, our company is ready to make new inventions, contribute to the acoustic culture and help people.
Our investments will continue continuously. We have (LORECa) brands within Doğuş Medikal.

Why is your Production Site in Samsun?

There are many reasons for this.

1. There are many frimas investing in high technology in our city, and we have seen and invested in this Acoustic field.

2. Samsun is a city with a high developing population potential and a rapidly developing economy. It is also a city that is geographically a candidate to become the world’s major commercial center. Neighboring countries have a high population density,

3. We preferred to invest in our country in order to contribute to the economy of the country, create employment, and serve more to the people living in our country.

Can you give some information about the company’s technological projects?

Doğuş Medikal (LORECa) is a 30-year company. It has the power to compete with large companies in the international arena. We have very serious projects and we will implement them in order.

New products produced in the last year:

1. The first pocket-size hearing aids and airways audiometry in Turkey we produce.

2.Also, automatic volume controlled devices were produced for the middle age group.

In 3.2019, we produced 30 new model digital devices that are easy to use, easy to set up, multi-channel and multi-functional. it is now available for sale in the world market.

Digital Hearing Devices Can you talk a little bit about technology?

After the use of digital technology in the acoustic field, the sector took a breath. The results that were difficult to overcome and which could not be obtained in Analog were obtained digitally. Both in application areas and in the setting, there was the possibility of intervention in the tones. The patients were able to use the device comfortably in the acoustic field. A new Technology system has been created to meet the patients’ expectations and to solve their problems. People are now happy to hear the comfortable voice.

As the problems were minimized, people’s quality of life improved, communication was more comfortable, but digital technology is not the ultimate solution. Versatile research continues in the world. Hopefully, more beautiful and more economical solutions will be developed. In Doğuş Medikal (LORECa), what technology is used in the highest level of digital technology is used.


What is the situation in the Doğuş Medikal (LORECa) hearing system?

As a company, we have some principles that we have not compromised. If Sort by:

  1. Using the highest technology
  2. Using the best of the material
  3. To express the efficiency, advantages and disadvantages of the technology used in a clear way to the user.
  4. Investing in the area of need.
  5. Avoiding unfavorable competition.
  6. Not to sell a product more than its price.

Therefore, our forehead is clear and conscience is comfortable with the products we sell.
If people trust and entrust their ears to us by giving them their money, we cannot chase them by pursuing small interests that will undermine their trust.

Therefore, we stand behind any device we manufacture. We are audited by international audit companies. We have 70 device models under the brand of Doğuş Medikal (LORECa). All of these devices were manufactured according to the European norm, inspected by European auditors and their tests were found to be accurate.

In the Doğuş Medikal (LORECa) hearing system, we have completely adapted ourselves to digital. All of our products are among the best devices of their kind. We have Doğuş Medikal (LORECa) LFS fit program for digital device adjustment. We use the best whatever the current technological possibilities offer for the comfort of people. In addition, we have the opportunity to offer a special solution to the patients, to produce the device that they can use exactly as they sew clothes in a tailor. We have programs that provide a hearing system that is tailor-made for you. Dogus Medical (LORECa) dealer can also apply this system very easily after training. is trained by us.

(LORECa) What do you mean by the hearing system?

Doğuş Medikal (LORECa) is a hearing system. This system contains accurate diagnosis, compatible device, error-free mold, special setting and periodic controls. All of our devices are produced in the norms of CE 1014, ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 9000.13485.

Do you produce audiometry devices and quiet rooms?

We have 14 models of audiometry and tympanometer and 4 types of Silent Cabinet device in different sizes. Our audiometers consist of scanning audiometers, Clinical Type, Diagnostic Type audiometers.

How to recognize quality devices and quality devices in hearing aids. What should the user pay attention to?

There is still no serious norm in the world outside of European countries. This norm was accepted in different countries of the world and started to be implemented. However, it is still very inadequate.
If there is no standard in a country, you can distinguish between experience and good and evil.

Can hearing aid users really overcome their problems and use the devices?

The amount of use of the device varies according to the type of hearing loss and the amount of loss. When the device is applied well, it provides excellent benefit. In Europe, especially in Germany, we found that people using devices in our system benefit up to 94%. In addition to the device application, the user also has a large share. In other words, the user should know the tool he / she is using, know his ability and look for ways to get more benefits.

The purchasing system established within the scope of reimbursement in countries has a positive or negative effect on the device. For example, in the Middle East and Asian countries, it would be a mistake to give good equipment and wait for a suitable application in devices purchased through auction. Because the main criterion is price. It is not possible for them to get good technology when the criterion is price. But if the free market occurs, it takes less time for people to get acquainted with technology, and their benefits will increase. At least there is an opportunity to compare the device.

In this sector, the market should be open, the contribution of countries to the device should be determined, and people should be released. Companies that do not provide good service and sell good devices in time will be automatically removed from the market.

Could you give information about customs and money transfers in commercial relations with neighboring countries?

Due to the lack of commercial cooperation with neighboring countries, there are customs problems and transfer problems. There are some serious problems especially with the Arab countries. Customs rates applied to Turkish goods are high and special permission is required in some countries for product import. The restructuring of relations and the development of commercial relations will benefit all parties. In addition to political relations, the financial sector also has a duty. Regional trade relations will both enliven the region and help maintain stability.

How can people with disabilities benefit from insurance in our country?

Fuses connected to the government in Turkey has a complex system. There is a shortage of legislation. We cannot say that people benefit fully from insurance. In short:
The transfer of SSK to the Ministry of Health is a very correct decision.
This complex structure needs to be corrected and modernized as soon as possible, a structure that values ​​humanity and cares about health must be formed.

As a manufacturer, do you have any problems with your hearing aids sales?

Yes Yes, we can not say that we do not have important problems.
As a manufacturer, we have serious problems with the legislation.
Imports are seriously supported, and manufacturing is blocked.
For example; VAT rate is 0% when the hearing aid is imported with finished.
Hearing aid spare parts, VAT rate is 18%, for example, when a speaker or microphone is imported. In addition, the product is subject to 25% SCT tax.
This seriously affects our exports and reduces our competitiveness.
In the domestic market, the importer is always more advantageous.
Besides, if you want to contract with SGK, you will encounter a serious problem.
This is a completely unfair decision that prevents domestic production and prevents employment.
I hope the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health will listen to these problems and find a solution.

What is your price policy?

One of the basic principles of our company is to offer the product to the public. In other words, to provide service to a widespread audience. Doğuş Medikal (LORECa) has a device for everyone. Prices vary according to the technological features. But at all levels, prices are set reasonably. Of course, every quality has a value, but we offer the best quality at affordable prices. In addition, all our devices are covered by our factory for 2 years.

All devices manufactured within Doğuş Medikal (LORECa) are the best in its class. The devices sold were priced by considering the conditions of the countries. Our alternative price lists have been created without sacrificing quality … We can say that Doğuş Medikal (LORECa) is the most suitable address for those who want to buy the quality device under the most favorable condition. Our devices are sold at Doğuş Medikal (LORECa) hearing centers and at 80 locations around the country. You can get detailed technical information about the devices from Human health, customer satisfaction, quality service are the values ​​we can never give up.
Stay healthy. Let it not be heard.

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