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October 30.2009 DHA Cappadocia’s first salt chamber was opened within a tourism facility in Uçhisar Town.These rooms are used against stress. Salt rooms used for diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, stenosis, eczema, psoriasis, insomnia and stress, and stress, began to become common in chronic Ear Nose, boutique Hotels breathing.

Salt rooms, which are common in countries such as Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and Bulgaria, have been put into service in Cappadocia Cave Resort (CCR) in Uçhisar Town. CCR General Manager Didem Bulgurlu said that the first salt room application in the world started when a Polish industrial therapist discovered that the workers working in the salt mines did not have lung diseases and opened a ‘Salt Clinic’ near Krakow. Bulgurlu, who noted that the first steps were taken with the observation that the complaints of Asthma decreased in the salty areas used as shelter during the 2nd World War, emphasized that negative calcium () and magnesium (Mg) ions have positive effects on personal health. Therefore, some European countries in the caves of medicinal plants as Bulgurlu stated that being used is also noted that after the 1980 start working in Turkey.

Bulgurlu said that they started to be used as the salt room of a cave, which is completely naturally carved within the hotels. Bulgurlu said, “The salt chamber is the unit made by spraying the salt from the Lut Lake 452 meters below sea level and the Tuzun cave coming from the Asthma cave from Sapanca. The walls and ceiling are covered with a special salt mold to create a cave atmosphere. This Mold is a buffer against moisture in the atmosphere. Besides, it helps to maintain the aseptic property of the environment.Also, salt coatings on the walls produce spray particles that are too small to be seen even with a microscope, which have positive effects on the human body. He can use it as a CUR. Just like the person who touches the wound to the sea water observes that this wound heals in a short time, the salt room also cooks and treats the wound. Those who stay at our hotels can benefit free of charge.

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