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ISTANBUL-with the goal of obtaining 25 percent of the market, 3 of every 10 people entering the hearing problem experienced by hearing aid manufacturer lore Turkey Turkey market by the end of 20 years the number of dealers that worked out to 250. In Turkey, where 130,000 hearing aids are sold annually, the company predicts that this number will increase at least twice in 3 years, and is looking for a retailer.

Last year, a total of 8 million units worldwide markets that sold the hearing, loreca production and explaining that receive a share of 25 percent with sales lore by Turkey CEO Erol ACR, the company in Turkey, he said he wanted to take a share of 25 percent by capturing the world average. Move the potential and the last 5 years in Turkey with 20 percent recorded in this area grow a significant market that transfers the ACR, “75 million we’ve got a population. In Germany, there is a population of 80 million and hearing aids on each 800 thousand in Germany in 2008 In the Western world, one out of every 10 people has hearing problems, and in our country, three out of every 10 people have hearing problems. much bigger, “he said.

Have 250 dealers

Stating that they are working for doctors, retailers and customers using this device, LORECa said that they are looking for retailers they can cooperate with. Stating that they are currently working with 150 dealers, ACER said: “Although we have been in operation for 10 years, our sales have been very successful. We have customers in 3 areas. First, doctors, prefosers. In addition, our second group of retailers. and reach out to customers. third, the people who need such devices. We have to take along this 3. Therefore, a serious form of this business in Turkey, enlarge, we are looking for retailers that will bring European standards. Our products campaign and replaced by 150-500 to 4 All products are guaranteed, with a 10-year lifetime and a 2-year guarantee, we provide companies that will work with us with different opportunities, we provide financial support to help them grow. This is not easy. This is a very profitable business in our country. case. Today in our country there is talk of 130 thousand units last year. There are 600 outlets in Turkey. 3 years then 250 thousand hearing aids will be sold. Here, we want to represent fLORECa with an average market share of 25-30 percent, as in the rest of the world. ”

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