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“BIRTH MEDICAL LTD STI.” Imports as a young professional working staff and our hearing aids in Turkey since 1984, we have been exporting its production and sales.

Our company, which started its commercial life in Samsun in 1984, added a color to the sector by signing OEM and OBL Joint Investment Agreement with the LORECa® Brand hearing aid, Audiometer and Tympanometer devices in 2009, the production of LORECa® Brand hearing aids, Audiometer and Tympanometer devices. . is my blog. I live in Los Angeles, have a great dog named Jack, and I like piña coladas. (And gettin ‘caught in the rain.)

In addition to our General Directorate in Samsun, we have nine branches., outside of these provinces all over Turkey with our organization which was founded in 125 cities and dealers are supplying world service.

Since its establishment in Turkey, our company continues to work in the direction of customer satisfaction without compromising on quality, throughout these years has assumed the leading distributor of hearing aid brands of the world.

Our company is the first in Turkey to its customers that perform quality service and has raised the bar of the hearing aid industry.

Besides, our company believes in the importance of branding, signing a policy in Turkey has created its own brand hearing aids, “the lore of” brand hearing aids we have presented to the users liking. Our biggest goal is to reach every point of the world with our “LORECa” brand and to take quality service to these points…

Our rapidly maintains firm working towards this goal, again by signing a policy in Turkey “lore of” hearing aids have the brand in China, Korea, Russia, Africa, Jordan, began the Middle East and to export to Turkic Republics.

DOĞUŞ MEDİKAL LTD ŞTİ / LORECa Hearing Devices are produced in line with the world’s most advanced engineering and audiological developments.

All test and quality control stages after the production and production of the devices are evaluated in the light of international standards such as TSE, CE accepted by the whole world.

As a result of the R&D studies, our hearing aids catch the last point of the technology and are constantly renewed.

In after-sales services, we provide our customers with the highest quality repair and maintenance service with the TSE Competence Certificate and the Service Competence Certificate issued by the Ministry of Industry and Free Sales Certificate.

Advertising and Promotion RISE is a pioneer in Turkey about MEDICAL LTD, has sponsored a variety of health programs. In addition, as the first hearing aid company to advertise on national and local TV channels, our company, which carries out its duty by producing the Self Service Hearing Test Device for public awareness, is determined to continue this task with future campaigns.

We serve with CE-1014 Quality Certificate. We manufacture hearing instruments labeled (ITE, ITC, CIC) and BTE instruments, digital and analog hearing aids with a special complete range.

We have developed our own Loreca Fitting Software Software, We have paid Patent Copyright to many foreign Companies in our Country to produce Hearing Devices.

Hearing loss is a common problem for many people. Its frequency increases with advancing age. Many people over the age of 65 have hearing loss in almost every person over the age of 80. Hearing aids significantly restore hearing.

Our company, which has been serving in Samsun since 1984, has determined to raise awareness of its customers about hearing aids as its primary target. As a result of this, today, Samsun has become one of the most experienced and leading companies in its sector and has become a brand.
As of 2009, in the Samsun Hearing Center, where trademark registration has been obtained, battery and ear molds are also sold.

By lore The second company operating in Turkey in the hearing instrument manufacturing, the latest project launched by the Turkish Patent Institute Patented Enterprise Self-Service Hearing Test Social Accountability Project (1 working with TL) collected the products we Kiosks Coins, people without purchasing power with hearing loss aims to assist in the purchase of hearing aids.

Our company, which continues our activities in Samsun / Merkez, aims to maintain the market leadership in the world thanks to the Project SMD Technology, which is 50% supported by OKA – Common Black Sea Development Agency, on PCB Boards Production (Hearing Devices Motherboard and Audiometer Motherboard).

Our Goal is to Increase Competitiveness and Reduce Foreign Dependency.

LORECa, which is an expert in the production of hearing aids that should be supported with high technology and R&D investment in order to have competitive power in the sector, is taking firm steps towards this goal.

Operating in the Hearing Aids sector since 1993, LORECa competes with the European Union CE1014 quality norms and exports them to many countries (Bulgaria, Iran, Iraq, Tunisia, Greece) in the near future. we will be in position.


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