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Repair and Calibration

Repair Maintenance & Calibration Service

Repair, maintenance and calibration of existing audiological devices are performed with state-of-the-art devices in University Hospitals, SGK Hospitals, Private Hospitals and ENT clinics.

We have a repair and mold workshop in our company. It is TSE CERTIFIED. (12426) We provide repair, maintenance and service of the hearing aids that we are the distributor of, as well as other hearing aids and speech devices that we are not Distributors of. This includes the materials required for the mold (Ear Paste, syringe, catalyst).

The molds that arrive at our company within the working days are delivered to the cargo on the evening of the other day. The molds that arrive in the afternoon are grown to the cargo at noon the next day. The warranty period of the device is 2 years from the date of delivery of the device. It will be repaired.

Providing service opportunity is our primary consideration. TONDİ LORECa AUDİONİKA, which we represent, is provided by our own technicians throughout the country.

We are honored to provide fast and high quality service to our customers with our experienced expert staff and regular service understanding.

Ear Mold
Turkey’s health and quality of ear molds are made ear mold laboratory in accordance with European standards.
It is custom made so that ear molds reflect the performance of the hearing aid used (behind the ear or pocket type) to the ear. Ear molds are made in different shapes and sizes according to the anatomical structure of the ear and the characteristics of the physiological loss.

There are special ear plugs made in our company according to the patient’s ear marks for patients who work in an extremely loud environment and should not get water in their ears.

In order to get the best results from the hearing aid, the Ear Mold should fit well in the ear and the channel of the mold should always be clean. For this reason, the ear mold is separated from the hearing aid every week, washed with special cleaning tablets, and after being thoroughly dried with a pad, it is attached to the hearing aid. The tubing attached to the earmold should be changed every 2-3 months.

There is no need to make a report when you want to purchase hearing aids without SSI contribution. You can also buy it by printing your prescription to your ENT doctor. In Doğuş Hearing Center, there is a possibility to install a credit card. You can also take advantage of extra discounts or wireless accessories when you buy double devices, by taking advantage of our seasonal or continuous campaigns.

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