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Commercialized Projects

Category Project Owner Project name Explanation
Information and Communication Technology Applications Erol Acer Self Service Hearing Test Kiosk Design and Production     Manufacture of protective helmets with radio system
Applications for Energy Production, Transmission and Distribution Seda Köksal – Sevda Köksal Renewable Energy Source Fuel Cell Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells; zero CO2, NOx, SOx emission, electricity production in any desired location regardless of the network and climate conditions, compact structure, zero corrosion, structure suitable for cogeneration, no maintenance requirement, silent operation, continuous high performance, zero solid waste, direct from fuel They have superior properties compared to conventional energy sources with the advantages of producing electrical energy and high energy density.
Applications for Energy Production, Transmission and Distribution Emrullah Destegül Wireless Energy Distribution System Wireless energy distribution project to be used in home lighting

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